Browsedit is out of Beta! v1.2 is now available!

Browsedit is a simple HTML editor. It allows you to write out your source code by hand, and then view your page so far at the click of a button. It supports one-file pages, so you can add your CSS in a <style> tag, and JavaScript in a <script> tag.

The portable version does not have an offline .NET Framework installer. The offline .NET Framework installer can be downloaded here, whilst the official page for the .NET Framework is here. The installer does not have an offline installer either. You must be connected to the internet to install the .NET Framework. If you do not want this, download the offline installer.

Browsedit requires .NET Framework (Offline installer | Microsoft Download center)

Download Browsedit 1.2: Installer | Portable | Offline installer

If you already had beta, and want to update:

First go to control panel, and uninstall Browsedit. Then run the installer above.