Balloon Bounce EULA / Privacy Policy

Balloon Bounce is Copyright software. Balloon Bounce belongs to Harry Soft, and Harry Soft means Harry Soft Inc (“Harry Soft”, “we”, “us”).

By installing Balloon Bounce, you agree to this agreement.

You may not, without express permission from Harry Soft, decompile, distribute (except through sharing Google Play links or in a closed environment I.E. Not publicly, online) or modify this software.

Harry Soft does not send any data to or from your device as a result of installing Balloon Bounce – we will not, under any circumstances, collect any data from your device apart that which is provided to us by Google. Information provided by Google means Google Play download info, and info collected through AdSense. This information is largely anonymous. In a situation where information is NOT anonymous, we promise not to disclose this information to anyone, except for Google, which collects the information for us.