Serial Drive

Serial Drive for arduino is a downloadable sketch that has 2 main versions.


The SerialDrive sketches also require the Zumo shield libraries to be installed.

SerialDrive 1.0

SerialDrive is a sketch for arduino that allows you to drive a Pololu Zumo shield and chassis via the serial interface.

This allows you to control the arduino and zumo remotely. This version is mainly for driving from a device with a keyboard, such as a PC.

Download SerialDrive v1.0: Sketch NO LONGER SUPPORTED: SerialDrive v1.0 does not work and so the download has been removed from our site.

SerialDrive 2.0

SerialDrive 2.0 adds a whole new range of commands, optimising it for use by android. Pressing the forwards / backwards button twice on the app allows you to sprint in either direction (Twice the speed) and pressing again toggles the two modes. The same is with turns, but on 3 levels.

This allows the robot to easily be controlled via bluetooth with an android phone / tablet. The MaxControl app provides a good interface on the phone / tablet. There is a tutorial here on how to do this.

Download SerialDrive v2.0: Sketch

Max Control app download page