Esplora pong game

Esplora Pong is a game for the Arduino Esplora and a TFT LCD display. It is controlled with the Y (Vertical) axis of the joystick for the left player (Player 1) and the linear potentiometer (slider) for the right player (Player 2).

The game is currently in Beta testing and will be significantly improved when finished.

Some features soon to be implemented:

  • A score. So far the score is held in memory but there is no way to view it when playing the game.
  • Better controls for player 1: The controls for player 1 are a bit strange at the moment, but we hope to improve these soon.
  • Better bouncing off player 1’s paddle: Currently, there is a glitch in the game where occasionally the ball bounces off player 1’s paddle twice before going through the paddle, resulting in a score.
  • Better bouncing off the paddle: So far, when the ball bounces off the paddle it may go in a physically impossible reflection.

The game does not require any custom libraries, however Arduino IDE v1.06 or later is required and the “Arduino Esplora” board must be selected in order for the sketch to compile.

Download Esplora Pong: Sketch